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DGArt 3D Modeling DGArt is a 3D modeling and rendering tool designed for artists and game designers, and developers to create 3D assets and content from start to finish. It is affordable, complete, and easy to learn. With DGArt on your iPad, you can effortlessly construct 3D models/digital art.

DGArt supports a variety of geometric primitives, including built-in geometry types such as spheres, boxes, planes, and text. It also features editable polygons that can be accessed through an edit mode, supporting extrusion, inset, loop cuts, and more.

DGArt - 3D Polygon Modeling for iPad

iPadOS 15.0+
25 MB
Graphic and Design
Version 1.5

DGArt creates a .scn file. This is the data structure used to store the geometry, nodes, lights, and camera. This format can be used in the Playgrounds App for your apps or games.
Please refer to SceneKit in the Apple Developer Documentation for more details.

Main Features:

• 3D Scene Editor
• Polygon Modeller mode
• Render Beautiful Images
• Layer panel
• Object property panel
• Material property panel
• Light property panel
• Camera property panel
• Global Environment property panel
• Image library
• Works great with Apple Pencil
• Support for realistic physically-based rendering
• Save scene into .scn [SceneKit] format
• Export to .usdz/.obj format
• Native app and small size
• Simple UI and easy to use

DGArt is an application for creative minds who want to venture into the world of 3D art or games.

DGArt Scene Modeler Mode
Easy Switch between Scene and Modeler mode
DGArt Scene mode
Scene mode
DGArt Modeler mode
Modeler mode

3D Scene Mode

• Select, move, rotate, and scale tools
• Reset object to center
• Reset object to ground
• Clone object
• Array clone object
• Radial clone object
• Random clone object
• Add objects such as basic shapes, editable polygons, text, nodes, lights, and cameras
• Light types include Ambient [No Shadow], Area, Omni, Spot, and Directional
• Add Perspective or Orthographic Camera.

Scene Navigation:
• Standard pinch to zoom in or out
• Standard two-finger pan
• Top, Right, Front, and Perspective as default preview windows
• Long press on the Top button will switch to the Bottom view, similar to how long press on the Right button will switch to the Left view
• Long press on the Persp. button will switch to Ortho. view
• Reset view button, Frame object button, and Frame all object button.

Layer Panel:
• Hide/unhide object
• Delete object
• Parent/unparent object
• Set active camera
Layer Panel
Layer Panel ScreenShot 1
Layer Panel
Layer Panel ScreenShot 2

Property Panel
Property Panel ScreenShot 1
Property Panel
Property Panel ScreenShot 2
Property Panel:
• Precisely set object properties such as position, rotation, scale, etc.
• Set lighting parameters such as color, intensity, etc.
• Set camera parameters such as focal length, field of view, depth of field, etc.

Material Panel:
• Set object material properties such as color, metalness, illumination, etc.
• Set special effects such as normal, displacement, emission, self-illumination, ambient occlusion, and transparency.
• Set object double-sided, smooth and cull mode.
Material Panel
Material Panel ScreenShot 1
Material Panel
Material Panel ScreenShot 2

Global Environment Panel
Global Environment Panel ScreenShot 1
Global Environment Panel
Global Environment Panel ScreenShot 2
Global Environment Panel:
• Set environment settings such as background color, lighting environment, fog, reflection settings, etc.

Image Library:
• Load external images to use as UV maps for geometry or environment settings.
DGArt Image Management
DGArt Image Management

Polygon Modeler Mode

• Selection: select, deselect, select all, deselect all, draw select, rect draw select, expand, select loop [poly], select by material/element, select connected [poly].
• Vertex tools: Move, Rotate, Scale, Drag, Extend, Snap Guide, Make Poly, Split Poly, Marge Point, Precision Tool, Edge Crease.
• Poly tools: Move, Rotate, Scale, Extrude, Inset, Loop Cut, Smooth Shift, SubD surface, Catmull-Clark SubD surface, Flip, Make Pole, Rotate Face.
• Cut, Copy, Paste [copy and paste into another Object Node], Delete Poly.
• Mirror X, Mirror Y, Mirror Z [copy and paste mirror].
• Mirror options [select, deselect, move, drag] for Vertex only.
• Add primitive object.
• Add reference object.
• Snap option.
• Assign material to selected polygons.

Polygon Modeling Quick Example

Modeler Tools:
DGArt Modeler Tools
Polygon Extend
DGArt Modeler Tools
Polygon Inset
DGArt Modeler Tools
Polygon Smooth Shift
DGArt Modeler Tools
Polygon Loop Cut
DGArt Modeler Tools
Points Snap Guide
DGArt Modeler Tools
Catmull-Clark SubD surface
DGArt Modeler Tools
Points Precision Tool
DGArt Modeler Tools
Points Edge Crease

• Please visit DGArt | Manual for information about the features and detailed instructions.

• TurnTable Preview, preview your model in turn around mode.

Artwork Gallery [PBR mode]:

File Management:
• All project files can be accessed in the Files app.
• The "Projects" folder contains all project folders, and the .scn files can be used in the Playground app on iPadOS or Xcode in macOS.
• The "Export" folder includes all exported .usdz/.obj files.
DGArt File Management
DGArt File Management

Export to .usdz/ .obj files:
• Can be imported into 3D modeling software such as 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, and more.
• Can be converted to other 3D file formats using third-party converters.
• OBJ files can be converted into G-Code for seamless 3D printing.
• OBJ files can be accessed by third-party apps like Procreate for texture painting.
PolyHouse Blender Render
PolyHouse ► USDZ ► Blender Render
Universal Scene Description (USD) is a framework for interchange of 3D computer graphics data. The framework focuses on collaboration, non-destructive editing, and enabling multiple views and opinions about graphics data. USD is used in many industries including visual effects, architecture, design, robotics and CAD. .usdz, a package file which is a zero-compression, unencrypted zip archive, which may contain usd, usda, usdc, png, jpeg, m4a, mp3, and wav files.

SCN file to Playgrounds App

• The .scn file can be used in the Playgrounds app, allowing you to create your own custom 3D apps or games on your iPad.
DGArt to Playgrounds
PolyPlane project use in Playgrounds
DGArt Scenekit Playgrounds
Check DGArt to Playground demos below for more details.
DGArt Scenekit Playgrounds DGArt Scenekit Playgrounds DGArt Scenekit Playgrounds
Check DGArt to Playground mini Game Tutorials.
DGArt Scenekit Playgrounds mini game 1 DGArt Scenekit Playgrounds mini game 2 DGArt Scenekit Playgrounds mini game 3 DGArt Scenekit Playgrounds mini game Complete

RT:Render [beta] Ray Trace Render Available in version 1.5 and later.

Experience Realistic Lighting: Unveiling the Power of Ray Tracing for Stunning Images

DGArt RT:Render
Ray tracing has transformed the way we render images, bringing an unparalleled level of realism to scenes and objects. By accurately simulating reflections, refractions, shadows, and indirect lighting, ray tracing delivers results that mimic the complexities of real-world lighting.

The magic of ray-traced lighting is its ability to craft lifelike shadows. The edges of shadows are softened, and intricate details are brought to life, enriching the visual experience like never before.

Render Image:
• Render Beautiful Images with Ray Tracing and save to Camera Roll.
• Support basic reflection, reflection blur and transparency.
• Ambient light support.
• Area light for soft shadow and direct light for hard shadow with maximum 2 light shadows.

Quick Start: Press the "Render" button to initiate rendering. The rendering process will begin, and you should wait until the noise on the image becomes clear. Then, press "Pause" and save the image. The image will be directly saved to the camera roll.
Rendering Quick Example
* Some of the features are not supported in RT:Render [beta], including certain geometry types such as SubD objects with edge creases, texture objects, as well as Omni light and Spot light.
RT:Render Art Gallery:

For artists, game designers, and developers who frequently travel, work as freelancers, or prefer to work on a tablet rather than a desktop, this mobile 3D design tool is a wonderful alternative.

App design for iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad [compatible with apple pencil]

DGArt ScreenShots:

Youtube Tutorials:

for manual details please visit: DGArt | Manual

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