Shutter Cam Plus

Shutter Cam Plus iOS App for iPhone and iPadShutter Cam Plus iOS App for iPhone and iPad. Simple and robust slow shutter app. Create amazing slow shutter photo with ease. Perfect for casual user with easy to use control panel.

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– Simple UI and Easy to Use.
– Overlay multiple capture photo for better composition.
– Support both portrait and landscape mode.
– Delay on start up so capture session does not begin immediately to prevent camera shake.
– Start Stop on user demand.
– Able to set number of shots.
– Able to set time between shots.
– Remaining Shot countdown info show on capture view.
– On touch lock Auto focus and exposure.
– Option to show Grid Guide.
– Option to Dim screen for battery saving.
– Front or Back camera support.

– Normal blending mode and Tail blending mode available.
– Normal mode overlay all shots sequence equally good for shooting landscape which eliminate moving objects like people, car etc. leaving static object like building stay on shot.
– Tail mode set the last shot strong and the rest as a light shadow good for shooting moving object like walking people leaving tail shadow effect behind.
– Both mode can be use to produce ghost effect for fun.

– Create Ghost effect photo.
– Capturing while zoom in or out will result in motion zoom photo.
– Capturing Moving object can give result as motion photo.
– Anything else base on your imagination. (“,)

Tip: Stabilize your iPhone or iPad on tripod/object to get better image result.


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*This is a Universal App that work on both iPhone and iPad.

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