Prime Lens

Prime Lens will turn your iPhone photos into DSLR-quality photos with fantastic looking bokeh without having to spend hundred of dollar for expensive photography gears.
Whether you’re a novice or pro photographer, Prime Lens is your secret weapon when taking shots with the iPhone or iPad. Numerous powerful tools and effects make Prime Lens perfect for creating professional-looking photos on your iPhone, iPad.

• Transform your photos into DSLR-Level Depth Of Field artwork.
• Paint your depth map and apply blur filter according to depth map for realistic DOF effect.
• Pinch to zoom and pan for easy depth map painting.
• Save and load depth map option are available.
• You can also adjust Bokeh level (aperture) to control how much your photo’s background should be bokeh-blurred.
• Adjust Saturation level and it apply to the Depth Map to give you focus on subject as a additional creative add on.
• Adjust Brightness level and it apply to the Depth Map to give you fog like effect or simulate fast shutter speed look.
• Offers 8 unique lenses that allow out-of-focus light points to blur into shapes like hearts and stars (Bokeh effect).
• Draw Custom Bokeh Shape and apply for your photo, save and load Bokeh shape option are available.
• Simply use your finger tips to focus your images without any previous knowledge in Depth-of-Field.
• Universal App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
• Image export at 3 difference sizes. Small, Medium and Large.

Blur control base on depth map, the blur level are depend on the depth map data. for easy understanding, white color represent front subject and further object represent by how dark it is.

Saturation control base on depth map, the saturation level are affected by the depth map data. for easy understanding, front subject  are not affected by saturation change while further object saturation are affected by how dark the depth map is. This is an additional feature give your photo a creative look which you can’t have it in a DSLR.

Brightness control base on depth map, the brightness level are affected by the depth map data. for easy understanding, front subject  are not affected by brightness change while further object brightness are affected by how dark the depth map is. This function are additional gift for simulate “High Key” effect or “Fog” like effect for bright preset while the dark preset simulate “Low Key” effect in photography term.

8 beautiful Bokeh shape preset are available. And you are not limit to have more shape by painting your own bokeh shape by tap into the butterfly shape bokeh.

Touch focus available for preview option.

Some of the works create from Prime Lens.

* Depth Map painting tip: White represent front object and black represent back object and depending on how light you paint to represent the depth of the subject.
* For advanced editing, it is recommend touch up your photo using app such as snapseed, photoshop before using Prime Lens for more quality output.
* Prime Lens runs iOS 7+ device only, and the Bokeh rendering times will be shorter on newer, faster devices.

Prime Lens provide a way to be creative with depth-of-field, which is otherwise impossible with the iPhone camera. And is
the most effective way to upgrade your iPhone or iPad camera.

Currently the best depth of field manipulator for iOS.

Get Prime Lens for iOS from Itunes App Store

Stay tune for up coming surprise update, or visit us for more info or feature wish-list.

Nice Apps

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Love this app and hope you can add more feature in future. Thanks.

Great App!

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Great little app, just love it for what it does ;p


5 5 1
Happy After purchasing a pack. by far one of the best apps i have used for photo editing!! Thank you nitrio!!

Personal favorite

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Prime Lens Personal favorite❤ highly recommend anyone to try this out.

Great Looks great, acts great

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Great Looks great, acts great, works well. Has everything you need for a price. Go to the store, and there are millions of options. But each option is part of a package and each package costs money.

Improving, but still need polishing.

4 5 1
Improving, but still need polishing. Getting there but not there. The new options are A+

Prime Lens Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.