Little Planet

Little Planet iOS App for iPhone and iPad
Create amazing tiny planet in an instant using “Little Planet” app, turns your existing 360° panoramic photographs into “Sphere Panorama (Stereo-graphic Projection)”, it’s easy and fun.Take your travel, landscape, people, panoramas, drone, long exposure, go pro photos and more to another level! Impress your friends in a second.

Little Planet are Stereographic projection that bends your photo or moving video into a sphere creating a Little Planet. You can also adjust your iDevice position to Inverted stereographic projection that warps your photo taking it deep inside a Rabbit Hole.

Little Planet are stereographic projections that normally take hours to make in Photoshop or After Effects. With Little Planet Photos and Videos it only takes a single tap and a few seconds!
Little Planet give you a brand new perspective on your photos plus eye-catching and lots of fun to make. Save time – no need for the expensive, complicated professional software.

– Instant transform, no processing waiting time.
– Full resolution support.
– Easier to use than desktop applications and more features too.
– Create your own stereographic projection for video too.
– Ideal for landscape panoramic photos, but supports other types.
– Intuitive user interface makes it easy and fun to use.
– Automatic save photo or video to your camera roll.
– Share your Tiny Planet Photos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

Screen Shots:

We know you will be so amazed that you will want to share your photos with your family and friends! Tiny planet effect can be called, rabbit hole, wee planets, little world, Little planet, tiny world, mini world, small world, small world effect or circular worlds.
Make your own mini worlds!

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