Images Crawler

Image Crawler iOS App for iPhone and iPadImages Crawler is a simple app that lets you capture all images on any website url given. Just input the website URL and tap on load will crawl the entire images within the website. You can review the URLs before deep crawl are set to grab all the images within the web page.

images_crawler_01 images_crawler_02

All crawl images are store in your device so you can access it offline.
All images are store in it own domain folder for easy access.
You can preview the images on your device or export the image to cameraroll.
You can also export the entire domain folder to cameraroll.
Delete any image or folder in your device to save storage space.

images_crawler_03 images_crawler_04

Able to set maximum crawl pages so it will stop at any given limit.
Able to filter image size to display for convenience access.
Filter image size by small, medium, large, X-large or none.

images_crawler_05 images_crawler_06

*This is a universal app that work on both iPhone and iPad.

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