G Gallery for Google Plus

G Gallery for Google Plus iOS App for iPhone and iPad

G Gallery is the best iOS App for Google Plus.
unlimited storage from Google Plus album let you free from storage problem.
Google Plus album not only give you unlimited photos storage but also fHD video up to 15 minutes. Watching both video or slideshow playing with G Gallery is a great experience.
Google Plus album work great with Google Plus app as you can manage your circle on Google Plus app while you can visit your circles album with G Gallery

Key Features or Benefits to have G Gallery for your iOS devices:
– Manage gallery online save your device storage space.
– Cache all photos thumbnail for offline preview and does not cost much in storage.
– Able to cache full album (Large photo) for offline view, and also able to clear the album cache to free up storage space.
– Great photo view experience with quick stats like date capture, camera type, location, caption or description for your photo at a glace.
– Same great photo view experience work together with Slide Show.
– View your family, friend or circle connection photo album plus option to cache the album.
– Advanced Cache System cache photos on your device with high quality photo and minimum space usage.

Slide Show
This app is very clean for showing off photos to family, friends or clients.
View full screen slideshows for one Album set.
Slideshow come with setting with time interval and 4 slideshow style option.

Feature list :
· Clean interface that looks great on both iPhone and iPad
· Support both portrait or landscape orientation
· Universal app that can be install for your both iPhone and iPad
· Share pictures with your friends and family

*=* Connection View *=*
· View your family, friend or circle connection photo album.
· Set person as favourite so you might able to cache her/his album

*=* Albums View *=*
· Batch upload photos to new create album with metadata or EXIF
· Batch upload photos to existing album with metadata or EXIF
· New create album are set to private so are not visible to public
· Rename album
· Delete multiple albums
· Cache Image for offline view
· Able to cache all photos thumbnail
· Able to cache full photo for individual album
· Remove large photo cache from individual album
· Show cache status on album with box indicator
· Box indicator with line mean nothing cache, full grey box mean album are cache
· Show simple status such as User Log in, total albums and total photos/videos
· Show simple status such as space used, free space available and total images cached
· Option to show all albums including photo from G+ post, scratch book or profile photo
· Option to set upload photo size, e.g. original size or maximum 2048 width/height for fast upload with no quota limit
· Show cache data on individual album for quick preview with data total thumbnails and photos cached

*=* Album View *=*
· Delete multiple photos
· Show/hide cache status on photos with box indicator
· Box indicator with line mean large photo aren’t cache, full grey box mean large photo are cache.

*=* Photo View *=*
· Load photo on the highest quality available base on Google API
· Play video on album on highest quality base on Google API
· Auto rotate so that photos always display as large as possible
· Single tap to hide toolbar in Photo View
· Swipe image left or right for next or previous photo in Photo View
· Full screen slideshows for Photo Album
· Fit image view or fill image view with double tap
· Fit image view crop to fit so pictures always fill the screen
· Fill image view put image in full view
· Download image from G Plus Gallery to camera roll
· Add photo caption to individual photo
· Show photo caption or description on photo view plus option to turn it off
· Show photo taken date on photo view plus option to turn it off
· Small Clock show time which photo had taken on
· Show camera type on photo view plus option to turn it off
· Show photo location map on photo view plus option to turn it off
· Show photo details such as caption, time date, camera type and location map while running slideshow
· Pinch Pan on location map for detail
· Printing services available such as canvas or poster

*=* Photo Detail View *=*
· Add or Edit Geotag on location map.
· Long press to add if current photo didn’t have Geo tagging before.
· Drag and drop Pin to edit Geotag location.
· Pinch Pan on location map for detail.
· Save map zoom level for Photo View preview.
· Set map type such as Standard, Satellite or Hybrid on both Photo View or Photo Detail View.

Click Here for Visit G Plus Gallery Page for More Screen Shot
Latest Version 3.0

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Love it!

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Love it! Loving the new update. The theme are awesome!

So cool

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So cool So cool. I really love


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Fantabulous!Just Do it!! UPDATE TO FIRST REVIEW! I'm a huge photog-editor. I've never even heard of this app, but I downloaded a few weeks ago and I'm in LOVE with it! I

Very excellent app.

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Very excellent app. I like all its slideshow tools. Bravo

I like this Application

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I like this Application really it's a beautiful and I am happy with this release.