Bubble Photo

Bubble Photo Transform your photos into amazing bubble paint artwork.

Bubble Photo Transform your photos into amazing bubble paint artwork. Special algorithm are use to produce unique bubble painting you never seem before. Get it now and enjoy future add on plus enhancement.

• Transform your photos into bubble paint artwork.
• Include natural brushes to simulate painting effect such as watercolor or oil painting.
• Watch the bubble paint animation in progress.
• More than 100 creative combination for photo creative.
• Preset bubble setting such as random scale, rotation and transparency to simulate imperfection.
• Use your bubble paint to create amazing animated gif as each render giving difference result.
• Use your bubble paint to create an artist’s journal or notebook.
• Share you bubble paint on Instagram, Twitter and other social media.
• Universal App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
• Image export at high resolution.

**Bubble Photo runs iOS 7+ device only, and the bubble rendering times will be shorter on newer, faster devices.**
**Rendering speed depend on brush size, small brush require longer render time while large brush render faster.**


Enjoy the bubble painting process from start to end


See how the app transform your photo into bubble painting


Bubble Photo Samples:






Bubble Photo Screenshots:



Setting Guide:
Brush Size:
Choose Brush from range Small, Medium or Large. Large brush render faster and small brush require more rendering time.
Background Color:
Set background color to black or white.
Random Brush Opacity:
Enable it will show bubble with random Opacity.
Random Brush Size:
Enable it will show bubble with random size.
Random Brush Rotation:
Enable it will show bubble with random rotation.


Get Bubble Photo from App Store

Each Bubble are unique that mean if you render the same photo twice, it give you difference result.

Absolutely AMAZING!

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Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! I love editing and doing stuff with pictures and I'm REALY picki with picture apps and TRUST ME this is the BEST PICTURE APP so go ahead and download it+most things get unlocked free or by watching an add!

Brilliant App

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Brilliant App For a beginner this is perfect. I have never been very good with editing photos and this helps me no end with special features.

No other photo app comes close!

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No other photo app comes close! I love this app, No other app can come close to how amazing this app is! It's very user friendly and very easy to understand so even a 2 year old can figure it out!