3D Chart Maker

Image Crawler iOS App for iPhone and iPad3D Chart Maker is a tool for creating vibrant and professional charts. Create bar charts, multi bars charts or pie charts and share with friends.

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Make your chart on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and Share or Print an enlarged version on the standard size Paper. 3D Chart Maker is a powerful graphing tool for making printable charts on your iPhone or iPad. You can easily create pie charts, bar graphs from small sets of data right on your device.

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3D Chart Maker include the built-in color picker gives you the flexibility to define the look and feel of your charts through color customization.

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– Allows you to Save your charts plus data for future use or edits
– Allows you to browse through your saved charts.
– Allows you to instantly save your charts into cameraroll in Image format.
– You can define the look and feel of your Chart by easily customizing the colors for each item in the Chart with built-in color picker.
– Adjust 3D position of the charts.
– Adjust 3D position of the shadow fall into the charts.
– 3 camera mode which are 3D, 2D and Isometric mode for charts.
– Pinch to adjust camera distance from charts.
– Option to show or hide Value.
– Option to show or hide Floor.
– Option to show or hide Shadow.
– Option to enable or disable Bar Spacing.
– Font type selection for charts.
– Font size selection for charts.
– 3 extrude mode for charts which is Small, Medium and Large.

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3D Chart Maker App is ideal for Students, Businesses, and other areas where data visualization is key.
*This is a universal app that work for both iPhone and iPad.

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